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Security Consulting

We offer consulting services in all aspects of security to help you protect your people, property, and assets.

Our security consulting offerings include:

  • RISK ASSESSMENTS: comprehensive risk assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities, threats, and weaknesses in an existing or proposed system's infrastructure, processes, and policies. We evaluate the likelihood of impact of potential security incidents to prioritize and address the most critical issues.

  • SECURITY AUDITS: security audits to review existing security measures and ensure compliance with industry standards, best practices, and relevant regulations. This includes but is not limited to analyzing network configurations, access control, video surveillance, intrusion, and intercom systems, as well as security policies and monitoring practices.

  • SECURITY ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN: assistance in the designing and implementing of robust security architecture for new systems or improving existing ones.

  • SECURITY POLICY DEVELOPMENT: assistance in the creation and updating of security policies, procedures, and guidelines that govern the use of IT resources.

  • SECURITY PRODUCT EVALUATION AND SELECTION: evaluation and recommendation of security technologies and products that align with an organization's specific needs and budget, such as surveillance and access control products and software, intrusion detection systems, firewalls, etc.

  • CLOUD SECURITY: implementation of robust security measures and best practices to secure data and applications in cloud environments.

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