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CCTV & Video Analytics

At Principal Access, we are proud to partner with industry-leading manufacturers of CCTV & video analytics products and are constantly adding new products to our offering. We carry a variety of products relating to CCTV & video analytics, ranging from simple camera systems for smaller businesses to high-definition and large-scale network video recorder systems for more complex businesses and institutions.

Our range of systems provides endless options using the latest technologies to make managing video surveillance easier than ever. See below the newest and most innovative CCTV & video analytics products and technologies we offer.

Avigilon AI and Analytics

Help transform video to improve outcomes through features such as:

  • Detect unusual events to help avoid critical incidents

  • Search for people or vehicles to improve response times

  • Helps eliminate human error and offsets human workload by speeding up search times for faster resolution

Ava Dome White_400x300.png
Ava Cloud-Based Security and AI

Ava's cloud-based video security products simplify on-site hardware requirements by eliminating the need for an on-site server and offer many innovative features and search tools.

  • Detects smoke alarm alerts from Ava cameras

  • Detect car alarms

  • Detect gunshot 

  • Detect breaking glass

  • Detect vehicles or people moving in the wrong direction 

  • License plate recognition 

  • Appearance search

  • Vehicle search

  • Cloud storage backup

IndigoVision High-Quality Cameras and Video Analytics

IndigoVision's high-quality cameras offer advanced video analytics that help improve response times and efficiency through advanced object detection and monitoring. IndigoVision's Distributed Network Architecture (DNA) removes the requirement for a central server, while also guaranteeing that you'll never lose access to live video.

Axis Communications High-Quality Reliable Cameras and Video Analytics

Axis Communications' high-quality and reliable cameras provide easy access to actionable insights through a wide range of flexible and scalable analytics. These analytics can be applied primarily in two areas:

  • Security and safety

  • Operational efficiency

Spectra Enhanced 7-LP-SolCard.webp
Pelco High-Quality Cameras and Video Analytics

Pelco's wide variety of fixed, panoramic, and PTZ video security cameras are packed with features such as:

  • Analytics that help detect and classify more objects for greater accuracy and faster responses

  • True wide dynamic range that provides details in scenes with both bright and dark areas

  • Smart compression technology that helps maximize bandwidth savings and keep storage costs down

Bosch Reliable Cameras With Video Analytics

Bosch's quality cameras are reliable, cost-effective and offer deep learning video analytics to improve building security by supporting reliable intrusion detection and accurate people counting in crowded areas.

ExacqVision Video Surveillance Software

Exacq's feature-rich video surveillance software, exacqVision, can be integrated with existing systems and third-party technologies and is compatible with over 5,000 IP camera models, from more than 60 manufacturers.

Hanwha Reliable Cameras With Video Analytics

Hanwha's cost-effective cameras are reliable and offer video analytics to improve security, including, but not limited to:

  • AI object detection

  • Audio detection

  • Tampering detection

  • Temperature detection
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