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Making commercial spaces smarter and safer

Selecting a combination of security technologies to keep people, property, and assets safe is no simple task. From selecting access control measures to video surveillance, alarm monitoring, and intrusion systems, the number of options for end users to consider can be overwhelming. Given the number of options available on the market, working with an expert in security technology and system implementation is crucial in ensuring a successful implementation and seamless transition from a previous system.

Principal Access provides industry-leading innovation and quality to many commercial clients, each of which has its own set of unique challenges and specifications, which is what makes us experts in commercial security.

What can a strong security system do for a commercial office?
Manage access and video simultaneously

Manage both user access and video surveillance all from one fully integrated platform

Enhance Security Control

Maintain full control over intercom operations while ensuring seamless visitor experiences

Derive insights from video analytics

Send immediate alerts when a threat is present or an incident has occurred

Modern Office Buildings

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