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Making safer and smarter campuses

On campuses everywhere, administrators are constantly faced with the challenge of finding the perfect balance between the functionality, scalability, and strength of their security systems. Another key challenge administrators face is the many levels of user access and permissions. Tackling these challenges in a cost-effective and strategic way that maximizes the performance and efficiency of a security system is only possible if an experienced and knowledgeable security expert is involved.

Principal Access has many years of experience working with colleges and universities to provide students, staff, guest speakers, and many more with seamlessly integrated security measures that help make campuses smarter and safer at the same time.

What can a strong security system do for college and university campuses?
Manage access and prevent intrusions

Ensure that access to campus facilities access is only given to those authorized with an access control system

Unified video and access control

Easily verify identities by cross-referencing video with access control credentials, and unlock doors from the camera view

Real-time anomoly detection

Identify Intruder break-ins, loitering, or unauthorized vehicles in real-time and easily switch between live and playback

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