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Apartment buildings seen from below in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

High-Rise Residential

Making high-rise residential buildings smart and secure

Given the number of residents in a single apartment building, security systems are difficult to implement without sacrificing at least one of three things: functionality, user-friendliness, and overall strength of security. In order to maximize all of these things, high-rise apartment buildings need an experienced security expert who is aware of the common pitfalls and most effective solutions.

Principal Access has been providing smart and secure solutions to the challenges posed by high-rise apartment buildings for over 25 years.

What can a strong security system do for high-rise residential buildings?
Next generation intercom

Virtual directory capabilities, reliable touchless access, live video, two-way audio and smart call routing

Detect potential threats

Detect potential threats, unusual activity, or persons of interest using video analytics

Customizable digital guest passes

Easily grant access for visitors, vendors, maintenance, and deliveries with customizable mobile guest passes

Modern Office Buildings

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