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Making government facilities more safe and accessible

Governments require some of the strongest security measures for a variety of reasons, primarily centred around maintaining public order, protecting critical infrastructure, and public safety. Government facilities are prone to breach attempts from not just a cybersecurity standpoint, but from a physical security standpoint as well. For this reason, government facilities require strong security measures to prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas, to prevent and detect events through a scalable, enterprise surveillance system, and to overall maintain and improve public safety.

With many years of experience providing governments with seamlessly integrated security solutions, Principal Access can partner with you to deliver high-quality, innovate solutions.

What can a strong security system do for government facilities?
Limit access to restricted areas

Prevent unauthorized access with adjustable permissions and multi-factor authentication

AI-powered analytics

Bring the most important information to your attention so you can respond quickly and delegate resources efficiently

End-to-end security ecosystem

Deliver unparalleled safety, efficiency and productivity through a unified radio, video, software, and analytics platform

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Modern Office Buildings

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