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Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Providing smart and secure solutions for health care and pharmaceutical facilities

Protecting patients, staff and visitors while securing your equipment is key for healthcare providers. In a field with such little margin for error, having both the right technology that's designed for healthcare's unique challenges, as well as a strong partner in security is key in ensuring successful integration of security measures.

Principal Access has many years of experience providing high-quality, innovative and tailored solutions to healthcare providers, and our mission is to make your site safer, making your job easier.

What can a strong security system do for healthcare and pharmaceutical providers?
Find what you're looking for faster

Leverage technology that sorts through video with ease to quickly locate a person or vehicle of interest

Powerful search capability

Find a person of interest within minutes using facial and appearance recognition analytics

Real-time access activity logs

Monitor who accessed specific areas using access activity logs in the event that an incident occurs

Modern Office Buildings

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